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Cedar Bridge School ended 2017 with some exciting news: we were voted as Best Private School in the North Okanagan! This recognition from the greater North Okanagan community means the world to us. It gives all of us that are working so hard behind the scenes to grow our school and its programming a reason to take a deep breath and give ourselves a pat on the back.

We have come so far so quickly. Only three years ago we had 12 elementary students and three full-time staff members, today we have 60 elementary students (85, including our preschool programs) and employ 18 people.

What has spurred this growth? The support of our community and the word of mouth from our parents. This coupled with a desire to see children more exposed to art, nature, farm to table experiences, language, music, chores, and good old-fashioned free play. Yes, of course there is a lot of academic work as well, but it is how the rigorous academic curriculum is presented, and all of the other “stuff,” that makes us unique.

To be honest, we don’t really relate much to the term “private” school.  Cedar Bridge School should be considered an independent school (if we want to get technical). Yes, we work outside of the public system, but we do receive support from it. Also, if you came for a tour at our school you would quickly realize we are not an “elite” school. In fact, we have a policy in place to offer reduced tuition for families that would otherwise be unable to attend Cedar Bridge School. Not to mention we operate on a VERY tight budget. Regardless, of what we are called though, we do feel that we have an amazing thing going on here.

How is this all possible? Yes, it takes teachers and administrators and money and buildings, but above all it takes the support of parents. This recognition wouldn’t mean anything to us if we didn’t feel that it was an extension of the belief and appreciation that parents have for what Cedar Bridge School is offering their children. And how do we communicate this to the greater community? Well, we can start with sharing some of the testimonials we have received and then invite you to come to Cedar Bridge School for a tour and see for yourself.

“Our Boys have grown into outdoor enthusiasts that now have a more profound relationship with nature. They love the opportunities that Cedar Bridge has to offer with visits to the farm and nature walks. Their social skills have developed far beyond what we could have hoped for in a very short period of time. they enjoy going to school and it has brought a harmonious flow to our day and lives.”  – Paul and Vanessa Colleran

“Cedar Bridge School means so much to my daughter and me. She is full of wonder and joy at the end of the school day as she informs me of her time in the forest or on the farm, or hanging from the ‘monkey tree’. The beautiful setting of Cedar Bridge gives her much more than just a school education; it stokes her creativity and imagination. I love that she can crochet a wristband for me and that she is learning two different languages as well. She was given the opportunity to name her very own calf at the farm. The nurturing atmosphere and the wonderful staff and Cedar Bridge give me great comfort in knowing that my daughter is learning and experiencing many wonderful things that cannot be found easily at most schools.” – Jay Wilkinson

“By choosing Cedar Bridge School and Waldorf education, I’m offering my six-year-old daughter an antidote to our increasingly stressful, over-pressured and disconnected world. As a community we’re incredibly fortunate to have a school like this in our midst. When I pick up my daughter from school, I see dirty boots, rosy cheeks, and sparkling eyes. She smells of fresh air and homemade vegetable soup. Her pockets are full of rocks and sticks, her “treasures.” She tells me about her day, about playing along the creek’s edge and finding a small toad to hold in the palm of her hand. She’s happy. And without even realizing it, she’s cultivating the belief that the world is beautiful and abundant, and that she holds an integral place in this world.” – Alana Cheyne

“I love that my children seem to deeply understand what they have learned — they haven’t simply memorized it, they know it in a whole and complete way. And it wasn’t until sitting down with my daughter’s teacher at the end of this school year, looking through her workbooks, that I truly appreciated the gift of Waldorf education. It is setting her, and my two boys, well on their way to becoming creative and confident individuals.” – Todd Hayes

At Cedar Bridge School community is our strength. As a member of our community, far or near, with or without children, we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Contact Laurel to ask questions or book a tour: 250-547-9212 or

We are the North Okanagan’s Waldorf School. Offering education from preschool through grade 8, located on 18 forested acres. We are currently taking applications of interest for September 2018 enrolment.


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