Collaboration at Cedar Bridge School

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Do you value a COLLABORATIVE relationship with the school you choose for your child? So does Cedar Bridge School.

How do we achieve this?

We work to build a strong connection between the teachers and their students. For new students, this starts with a home visit from the teacher before the start of the school year. This gives the teacher a chance to meet siblings (and pets) and visit the child in his or her own space. This is a valuable first step in the teacher’s quest to best understand each child.

Our classrooms are small. With fewer students, teachers have a chance to know each child individually while striving to work as a collective group.

Communication is over the phone or in person. Cedar Bridge’s communication policy keeps texts and emails to conveying facts, dates and times. Check-ins with the teacher or communicating ideas or issues happen person to person.

Teachers move up the grades with their students. Not only does this strengthen the relationship between teacher and child, but also between teacher and parents. Parents and teachers are expected to work together in the best interest of the child and support each other in their respective roles through the ups and downs of the formative elementary years.

Collaboration takes engagement and Cedar Bridge School is a community that welcomes and supports parent involvement in and around the school. We have opportunities for parents tome come together in many ways: through educational evenings, “parent circle” afternoons, and many school and community festivals throughout the year.

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