Kindergarten at Cedar Bridge School

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Do you believe that Kindergarten is a time to learn through NATURAL experience and play? So does Cedar Bridge School.

Kindergarten is a magical time when children are building their capacity for creative thinking, problem-solving, and learning. At Cedar Bridge School children are offered project-based and sensory-rich activities where they learn by “doing.” Each day children spend time playing, working, and exploring the outdoors, either in the forest or on the farm. They engage in activities such as baking bread, woodworking, finger knitting, gardening, or painting. They listen to storytelling, participate in puppet plays, and explore speech work and practical number sense.

Through experiences of the natural world around them, the children develop a foundational love of learning through play, ensuring later social, emotional, and academic success.

Our Kindergarten program runs 5 days a week (8:25am to 2:30pm) and is available to 5 and 6-year-olds.

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