Learning Foreign Languages at Cedar Bridge School

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Do you think learning FOREIGN LANGUAGES can enhance your child’s academic success? So does Cedar Bridge School.

Starting in grade 1, the students at Cedar Bridge School receive two lessons each per week in two foreign languages (currently French and German). That is 2 hours per week of a foreign language!

There are many benefits to learning foreign languages. It broadens our understanding of communication and it also allows us to become more subtly aware of our own mother tongue. Starting early allows for a much better “ear” and pronunciation and it allows for time to be exposed to the languages before the rigour of writing and grammar are introduced to the lessons.

In grades 1 through 3, most of the teaching is done through games, gestures, songs, and poems. Through these activities the children learn basic vocabulary (numbers, colours, body parts, season, etc). The education for these grades is done orally and everything that is learned forms the basis for more formal language lessons later on.

In grades 4 through 6 the children begin to write in German and French by writing down the poems, stories, and phrases presented to them in the earlier years. It is now that the children are asked to learn to read, complete a simple dictation, and write answers. Only later does the teacher bring in grammatical details and spelling rules. In grade 7 and 8, the earlier work is continued and the written and spoken work is increased.

At Cedar Bridge School, the language lessons are a favourite among the students. At our May Fest this Spring all the grades worked together in French class to perform a whole school play entirely in French for parents and friends.

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