Outdoor Play at Cedar Bridge School

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Do you think that children should get OUTSIDE every day NO MATTER THE WEATHER? So does Cedar Bridge School.

Why do we place so much value on outdoor time?

It increases the children’s connection with nature. Our setting (an 18-acre campus in the forest next to a farm) allows for time surrounded by and in nature every day. Connecting children with nature has many benefits, one being fostering their respect of and care for our natural environment

At Cedar Bridge School children are constantly moving through forested, hillside terrain and walking through farm fields. Each day begins with outdoor activities before the children move inside for the classroom work which leads to better learning and academic success.

Getting outside no matter the weather fosters resilience. Young children learn best through experience. Being guided outside by example and without complaint through every season translates to resilience in other aspects of life for years to come.

Playing in the forest, climbing trees and running on uneven terrain develops coordination and balance; and a child that masters their movement has increased self-confidence.

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